The impact of wireless technologies on our everyday lives is increasingly hard to overlook. Because they facilitate our lives on many levels, their integration on all levels of human life has happened without too many questions.

Flight Mode raises awareness on this phenomenon for its potential dangers by creating moments of rest and places to recuperate.

Flight Mode


Designed for the company Ardennes Toys, Small Worlds is a toy challenging the child to become the creator and director of a very own and personal world, with an own set of rules, meanings and aesthetic.

La cravate détourée

The cravate détourée stands for a tie free of codes and traditions developed for the 60th anniversary of the Hermes tie.

Man’s Best Friend investigates contemporary and future possibilities for the dog as a helping friend for a major societal issue the world is facing: population ageing.

Comrades is a series of drinking vessels for alcoholic beverages of which the handling, shape and material properties ask for skill as they intend a repositioning of alcohol as something valuable.


The knowledge the young need is ever-changing, certainly in our fast-changing society. We need to educate responsible humans, and we need to educate them in the best way with the best tools. This extensive research through elaborate data sheets, visualises that education got stuck in the 19th century and does neither educate children for our contemporary fastly changing society, nor our future society.

Educating / Education

In times where we share more of our privacy, being it at work, while travelling or at home, there is a need for moments of self. Based on wood in its various shapes, Loxohrdonta is a set of screens creating corners of different kinds for moments of different character.

Wireless communication happens through electromagnetic waves. Too many of them are called electromagnetic smog and we might need to think of how to escape from them at times, for health’s sake. The Whistleblower acts as a candle in the dark, enlightening you on this dark matter.

Able Table

A wooden table is about trust. It is a warm, timeless material that like no other knows to host the moments of life...

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