One needs to be fit for consuming alcohol and not just drain it down the throat in plastic cups. Despite the increasing abuse of alcohol by younger generations in their nights out, alcohol stays an agent incentive for our more playful side. These objects not only facilitate a kind of play or game, but they also offer control. A measure. The drunker you get the more these vessels will turn out to be logically illogic, surprisingly physical or alarmingly delicate. Drinking alcohol nowadays often turns into the excessive. The value of alcohol, the ceremony and drinking environment have changed a lot. For phenomena such as binge drinking to exist, there must be something out of balance in the appreciation of the alcoholic drinks themselves. The quality of an object creates a value for the substance inside, like the plastic cups give beer very little value. We would like to bring back something precious around the culture of drinking. Inspired by vessels and other very decorated and exaggerated pieces from the Baroque, excessive ways of drinking, like binge drinking and drinking games, are another way to exaggerate. What if we make the act of drinking something physical? Like a new ritual in drinking with a playful character, as a physical experience. Exaggeration to understand the material and give the ceremony of drinking a more symbolic character. Reinforcing the warm-hearted social character and the aspect of game and challenge in the act of drinking. And so experimentation with exaggeration in scale, proportion, volume, weight and material became our focus points.
Comrades is a series of drinking vessels for alcoholic beverages of which the handling, shape and material properties ask for skill as they intend a repositioning of alcohol as something valuable.
commissioned by the Dutch Public Prosecution Office