Educating Education Installation, Tools to improve: Focus, Context, Perspective 300 x 170 cm wood, metal, paper, ink Looking into the data from the OECD, Pisa and Eurostat, a lot of contexts, focus and perspectives for education appear. Combining, interpreting, and comparing these data offers a whole new perspective towards a better understanding of where individual nations and structures can improve. Apart from the dry data, there is also a human factor: children educated by passionate teachers learn better and more; a variety of activities within a day is more exciting and more efficient then a whole day of bench sitting. This does lack in a lot of systems. Off course bringing something new into public education is a complex matter because it takes time to test and validate changes. Visualising the strengths and weaknesses of individual systems is then the most relevant way to approach change as a designer. This project is a visualisation brought into shape a set of tools useful to the ones making the final decisions about our education, that could be of influence... The context is a broad overview of each country; the economical, political and cultural situation.
Education Context Cards 20 x 15 cm
The perspective is a vision of an educational system that takes in account all facts proven to be good in existing structures and other considerable investigations by philosophers and researchers to educate people to agile, critically and creative thinkers.
Education Brochure I 30 x 42 cm
Educating Education
The focus is a selection of facts, extremes and well working cases Education Focus Cards 25 x 18 cm
Education Memory Cards, Set of 30 cards Printed Paper 13 x 8 cm
Education Memory Cards,
Education Brochure II, final view 30 x 42 cm