The impact of wireless technologies on our everyday lives is increasingly hard to overlook. Because they facilitate our lives on many levels, their integration on all levels of human life has happened without too many questions. Flight Mode raises awareness on this phenomenon for its potential dangers by creating moments of rest and places to recuperate.

The main difference between the electromagnetic radiation from our screens and the radiation from the sun is that one is visible and the other not. We put on sunscreen when we sunbathe, and yet we leave ourselves completely unprotected while our use of computers, smartphones and iPads increases. This we attribute to our lack of awareness. ‘Flight Mode’, is not only the invention of a visualizer that lights up to warn us of a rise in radiation, but also a set of screens, a blanket and pyjamas. These are made from shielding yarns, which act as a Faraday cage and carbon materials that absorb.


In collaboration with BEKAERT

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