Having a glass of alcohol or occasionally many many many many glasses of alcohol is an absolute part of our lives. Being drunk one loosens certain borders and looks for new challenges, for a way to break with what is known and boring. As much as we need it every now and then, it can escalate in violent behaviour. My observations on the behaviour of drunkards led me to the the conclusion that the state of inebriety can be divided into two main characters/personalities: Those that under influence look for the playful adventure: Drunk, they look to triumph by discovering the edge of their capabilities. And those looking for physical triumph, the man to man or the group provocation. Showing off skills and strength. In general our society reacts very oppressive to situations that are considered ‘out of control’. But why this oppressive behaviour in this case? A look into history shows well how cultures all over the world have been dealing with what we call ‘macho behaviour’. It was part of various cultures to let the young and strong show their skills and strength in dances, war dances and fights. So instead of oppressing, why not facilitate both categories in their most playful an symbolic states? The Triumph of Escalation proposes facilitation of drunken characters, violent or playful, rather than their oppression
Fighting Lust Watercolour on paper Analyses based on observations made in the nightlife area of Stratumseind in Eindhoven. Bumping Frust Watercolour on paper Playing Must Watercolour on paper
The Triumph of Escalation